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Healthy weight loss

The search for the perfect body and the elimination of unwanted pounds and fats is much more complex than it seems. Everything begins with the formation of fat cells (adipocytes) in the four major periods of life: intra-uterine, early childhood, pre-adolescence and adolescence. The higher the number of adipocytes formed, the greater the tendency to store fat. In women, fat concentrated in the waist, culotes, abdomen and internal thigh after puberty is a fat deposit, called fat gynoid, deeper, less hydrated and less peroxide, with light of energy reserves for pregnancy, labor and breastfeeding. It is the first fat to be stored in food abuses the last to leave during weight loss and physical activity.

For a real process of weight loss, weight loss should be slow and gradual - about 500 grams of fat per week. For this, the treatment should consist of food education, physical activities and medical and aesthetic procedures that direct the removal and reduction of fat cells in areas of deposit, providing a replacement of fat by muscle. Not so long ago, the only process capable of reducing the number of fat cells in areas of deposit for liposuction surgery was associated or not with dermolipectomy (surgical removal of excess skin). Many people seeking such procedures as a magic formula to achieve the perfect body without the effort of physical activity and food education and 80% of cases recover all fat in a period of two years. With the advancement of aesthetic medicine, the process of weight loss has new non-surgical treatments such as Eletrolipoforese with Manthus, Hidrolipoclasia, Carboxiterapia, Carbolipoclasia, Intradermoterapia and Lisadoterapia directing the weight loss for localized pockets of fat, allowing a direct and healthy weight loss.

When performing an aerobic physical activity immediately after these procedures, the body uses the fat of the treated areas as muscle, resulting in a substitution of fat for muscle, increasing the basal metabolism and gradual and progressive loss of weight for the achievement of the perfect body.

News of aesthetic medicine for weight loss:
Functional nutrition - is the development of a custom menu that aims to use medicated food aid in increasing the metabolism, fat loss and treatment of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, thyroid, etc.. Eletrolipoforese - is the application of the apparatus Manthus, a powerful ultrasound to break the fat in microgotículas with an electric current that pumps blood vessels and lymphatics, draining the fat. The device is applied on the skin with a gel for ultrasound, allowing the reduction of immediately. Can be associated with Endermologia, a suction device that enhances the lymphatic drainage of fat. It is indicated for reduction of localized fat, cellulite, pre and post liposuction. Hidrolipoclasia - It is the combination of the application of saline in place of fat to enhance the process of loss of eletrolipoforese with immediately after the procedure. The fat is directed to move and used during physical activity.

Indicated for localized fat and cellulite:
Intradermoterapia - It is the application of products capable of causing lipolysis - breaking the cell fat -, allowing a longer time of action and prolonged effect. The Melange can be applied using the apparatus Manthus without using needles. Indicated for localized fat, cellulite, flaccidity and stretch. Carboxiterapia - is the application of CO2 gas in the skin and fat that promotes an increase in oxygenation and local breakdown of fat tissue. Therefore, there is replacement by fat tissue collagen and elastic, allowing the loss of fat without causing flaccid skin. Widely used in the pre-surgical preparation for the prevention of scar tissue and increase the treatment of localized fat, cellulite, flaccidity and stretch. Promotes a gradual and sustainable weight loss.

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