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The most advanced technology in hair treatments, tricology dermatological and aesthetic.

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The causes of hair loss are numerous, ranging from genetic factors, metabolic, nutritional, hormonal by external causes. In men, the main cause of hair loss is related to genetic baldness. In women, in addition to genetic baldness, which affects mainly women in menopause or hormonal changes, the main causes are related to vitamin and nutritional deficiencies, stress and medication use.

The Medical Hair is responsible for the dermatological medical diagnosis and treatment of the main causes of hair loss. With modern diagnostic techniques, such as laboratory tests, structural analysis of yarn hair and dermoscopy of the scalp, the doctor determines the cause and tricology best strategy of treatment.

A replacement program for biomolecular nutrition and vitamins, combined with medical procedures of oxygenation and structural recovery of the scalp, medulla, papilla and hair matrix as carboxiterapia, intradermoterapia and laser hair, treatment promotes a progressive, safe and effective. Even in cases of atrophy capillary, one can associate with medicine to modern techniques of hair transplant follicular wire to wire.

The treatments of Medicine Hair

Carboxiterapia capillary - Application injecting CO2 gas that promotes oxygenation and anatomical restructuring of the scalp, accelerating the process of growth of the wire.

Intradermoterapia capillary - Application of injectable medicines on the scalp to feed and accelerate hair growth.

Laser - The Fotobioestimulação capillary with LED is the treatment of hairy-leather with a light source that stimulates capillary growth and oxygenation. This is a series of treatments based on photochemical processes do not cause damage or burn the skin. The patient can return to normal activities as soon as the session ends. During the session, patients are comfortably lying down in front of a screen is installed where a stream of micro-lights. The entire process lasts 20 to 30 minutes and patients can return to normal routine without any pain, redness or peeling.

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