Clínica Shalon

Clínica Shalon

The most advanced technology in hair treatments, tricology dermatological and aesthetic.

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The Clinic

Clinical History

The Shalon Clinic of Dermatology, Medical Aesthetics and Aging MedicinaAnti-located in a large and modern space in a more privileged doslugares of Campinas - Sousa. Appeared in 2003, when the Doctor Elizete Nikoluk Kaffe has moved to São Paulo paraCampinas, with the prospect of setting up a clinic in a local eaconchegante wide, bringing the best and most modern in Brazil en World in diagnosis and treatment dermatological and aesthetic .

Why the name?

Shalon in Hebrew means "God is my peace," ie, everything that demand when it comes to health, aesthetics and beauty. The real meaning in Hebrew, on reports the Pentateuch, means "health and welfare." In addition to seeking to provide a physical improvement, the clinic aims to bring an improvement in the quality of psychological and spiritual life of patients, teaching them to have a better quality of life.

Why the pink?

The Rose was inspired by the "Rosa de Saron, the lily of the valleys" described by Solomon in Cantares 2:1, symbolizing the very presence of the living God in nature and His great love and care for us. This symbolizes all the care and dedication that the Doctor's Clinic and the team Elizete Shalon seek to provide its customers: the best.

Why the green and white?

The green is a spectrum of color with localizadaentre wave length of the blue and red. In color has medicinaisbactericidas effects, anti-inflammatory and healing. The white representaa union of all wavelengths, representing the purity and aharmonia.

Mission and vision

The Clinica Shalon's mission is to offer its customers the most modern of quehá, fast and safe in treatment, aesthetic eanti-aging. The continuing concern of Dr Elizete in seuaprimoramento professional, and his team, trying to offer customers aosseus "first hand" the latest in treatments, Conduct equipment related to health and beauty


The Shalon Clinic is located in a bucolic and strategic emSousas near the highway D. Pedro, airport and easy access ádiversas locations. The wide space of 650 m distribuídose well wooded, in direct contact with nature and panoramic view, édistribuído as follows:

  • 2 large reception for employees
  • area of EPER outdoors with panoramic view
  • room management
  • waiting room in 2 environments
  • bathroom next to the waiting room
  • 3-room doctors with procedures
  • internal area of aesthetic treatments consist of 4 large deatendimento rooms with capacity for 6 patients, 2 bathrooms privativoscom locker room and shower
  • auditorium on ground floor with date and show room with double access procedures, and internal and external capacity for 30 people
  • area of staff with crown / kitchen, cloakroom and bathroom
  • 3 floors in separate gardens with fountains and showers
  • children play ground
  • capacity expansion and higher external
  • Services


Advanced Dermatology (link)

Target audience

Women and men class A and B In the case of Aesthetic Medicine - women and men from 10 to 120anos - Campinas and the case of Medicine RegiãoEm Anti - Aging and Dermatologiaavançada - men, women and children from 0 to 120 years - the challenge and Paulo Brazil (answer many doctors from other states) in the case of capillary Medicine men and women of all age asfaixas - Brazil and abroad - patients in Portugal, Spain, Australia, United States, Canada and Japan

Region of coverage

In the case of Aesthetic Medicine - Campinas and Region
In the case of Medicine Anti - Aging and Advanced Dermatology - State of São Paulo, Brazil (answer many doctors from other states)
In the case of Medical Hair - Brazil and abroad - patients in Portugal, Spain, Australia, United States, Canada and Japan


Hair Medicine - Dr Elizete specializes in tricology - diseases of the scalp 11 years ago, and pioneered the use of the technique of carboxiterapia in ttos hair and skin
Anti-Aging Medicine - Dr. Elizete studied at the 1st class of Graduate emMedicina anti aging of Brazil, formed in July 2007. Currently it only operates in the region.
Aesthetic Medicine - pioneer in the development of protocols for body treatment, facial hair and with the equipment of businesses KLD (Manthus, Hygialux), Estek (carboxiterapia) and laser with Skintek continuously being asked by these 3 companies as speakers at conferences and courses for doctors, workshops and national and international congresses in São Paulo and Brazil.
ANVISA responsible for the medical protocols and record of equipment HIGIALUX of KLD.
In 2004 the Clinic was invited and received the trophy for Entrepreneurial Company of Sousa, together with some merchants to highlight the region.


The clinic does not work with agreements because the treatments are not covered by them. The target audience are the patients for the class A and B or the arrangements that have the health insurance reimbursement system (South America, Bradesco health, port health insurance, Petrobrás etc.) that need not necessarily be accredited to the doctor it to the system repayment work. Currently we are entering in contact with NIPOMED that is working to tbem system of reimbursement for medical and aesthetic treatments.

Seasonal dates related to clinical

Anniversary of the Clinic - March 13
Day of beauty - last Friday of the month, usually quarterly or half, toward the consumer
Open house - a Friday the year, facing divugar the differential treatment of clinical doctors and other professionals to the hairdresser's health, possible indicators of our public services to the final consumer
Week of the laser - the dissemination of treatments based on light afternoon tea for Best ages - looking to care for the health and beauty for the 3rd age
Mom's late - toward the skin care for pregnant women and mothers
Courses for Medical-indicated for medical professionals from around the country and abroad, interested in learning the modern techniques of treatment with Dr Elizete. Scheduled as the demand for professionals, typically occur monthly.


Av Imperatriz Dona Tereza Cristina 744 - Jardim Paraiso - Campinas -SP
Tel: 19-3325 0761 • 19-3325 0797 19-98825 8760 • 19-98825 8733
Tel: 19-3258.8608 • 19-3258.8653 19-3388.1680 • 19-92521782
(proximo ao Estadio do Guarani e Colegio Coração de Jesus)