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Plataforma Vibratória

The vibrating platform and development, vertical vibrating. Due to its oscillating movement, it wins a game articulate the pelvis, thus mimicking the physiological motion of walking.

Machine vibration created by Nasa, promises a curvy body without effort.

Finally a solution "cosmic" to those who hate malhar.Basta rise for 15 minutes on the meter Platform evolution, which he alone, promotes 56 contractions per minute throughout the muscles of the body - without the sweat shirt without making efforts without charge in pesos arms and legs.

Working at high speed (HZ), achieved a great muscle activation and low impact.

As a practicing sports platform enables the implementation of strength training, rehabilitation programs, improving movement and coordination, and eliminate the lactic acid and in return, increase the volume of oxygen in the muscles. For aesthetic and weight loss, one of the great strengths of the apparatus, the improvements are many, especially for those who do not practice regular physical activity. "The technology allows the reduction of body fat and cellulite, performs a lymphatic drainage, and allows an increase density of muscle and metabolism.

At the end of the first session of exercises on the platform starts to feel clearly the effects of vibration: the muscles are contracting at 100% heart rate and blood circulation increases. At the same time will begin a series of important changes of long duration, the bone structure endeavors, increases the secretion of hormones (growth hormones, testosterone, etc..), Which activates the metabolism and burn greater amounts of calories. The result is a physical training reduced fat mass and improves the hormonal profile.

Three sessions per week 15 minutes indicated.

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