Clínica Shalon

Clínica Shalon

The most advanced technology in hair treatments, tricology dermatological and aesthetic.

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Give an alternative to their health.

He has more than 3,000 years and is part of the Eastern healing tradition. It is based on balancing the flow of energy that living beings have to stick at the correct body (meridians) and thus produce the information for your own body (immune system) produces a cure.
It is a very effective technique in the treatment of pain, working on the central nervous system providing the release of neurotransmitters such as endorphins that relieve the pain.

Steel needles applied to points that are located in 19 meridians or channels of energy that travel through the human body.

The first consultation is to make a questionnaire that addresses all aspects físicos.Depois measure the pulse rate that is assessed as a separate those who use the traditional doctors, and this relates to health of meridians and flow of energia.Por last it examines the language of the patient when the doctor collects all data then proceeds to reverse the needles at points he chose.

There are no side effects if done by a skilled professional.

A acupuntura é uma técnica ideal para o tratamento das dores e obtem muito bom resultado na artrose,neurálgicas,enxaqueca,dores menstruais etc...também pode ser usada para resolver problemas psicológicos para o tratamento da obesidade e em terapias para deixar de fumar.

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